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In or out of context, this week has sucked.
I cry for no reason, really. My arm's gonna keloid and furthermore, I am not a driver, yeah, I know, but I can still beat that deceased steed, right?
Photo books caused me misery. Truth, photo books, whatever, pictures and their word count.
I'm feeling pain that's like music, a string section.
You flung arrows and I accepted them, one by one. Yes, I accept everything I did. I can't change it and wouldn't change it. You and I are who we are because of it. Lying and stealing whatever and fighting bitter, sneering. I'm happy you're brutal and honest because you deserve to be able to fight whatever they throw at you in the world.
And you, tomorrow makes eight and you know, it's insane the way it played out. Don't say I'm getting soft in my age, but I apologized since I know it will be harder to live like we do. It's always been hard, but yeah.
Finally, Hannah, don't surrender what you feel or do because people look down on it. Wars always were a matter of perspective.

As for everyone else: come see me next week.
I have the house to myself. :D
(239)770.0892, anyone? <3

kaira and i learn spanish by notepassing.
tv is gay fo ruh.
hmmm, gault's test will be terrible. someone tell me about it if you take it first.
and yeah. free nachos.
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