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Vignette love.

Fic for my contest challenge thing.
200+ on unrequited love, slash optional.

Did it in ten, including editing time.
200 words. "pass".

"ain't no salve like distance." smoke rings from his cigarette. a glance and a drink of the emerald flask. vodka burns when it goes down
burns like a mother
and he was burning old correspondence the night before.
"ain't no place to run anymore, neither." battered rust pickup and tinny speakers blasting bluegrass with the wind in his hair and confession like a boulder weighing his tongue down. roads without names twist and turn and those fingers
twisted and turned those bolts with wrenches and screwdrivers
constructed wild things, wild beasts to run on water like jesus when he still walked; like
like genie wishes come true to little boys who rub lamps
back and forth with their faces colored by green digital clockface numbers.
"ain't no way i can go back. ain't never."
can't remember the last time he called home to let them know he wasn't dead. can't remember why he would in the first place.
1,432.6 miles between them of fagbashers of bigots of things he never should have said. ever ever ever. silence was a virtue.
the vodka burns going down
and he was going down burning
like a redlight tower beckon blinking insomnia---

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