mourn not the match devoured in kindling flame. (lacrimae_rerum) wrote,
mourn not the match devoured in kindling flame.

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oh i feel so stupid but i want school to start.
i want summer to end.
i hate summers. they break me. and my resolve.
i love late night drives (9pm, hah) with ryan thayer and phone calls until midnight and memories of rising tide
the beach and the way she stumbled down the beach
and john at the hospital
and sleeping oh sleeping
and flailing happysad.

however, i hate being alone.
and i hate not seeing people.
and i hate, with a passion, being so far away.
the cape is for the dead dying and the young.

otherwise, it's been a great time. yeah.
and i'm a little more misty because i'm always at my grandmother's in IL at this time. :/ stinkin' bereavement. that's the word, right? i miss her.

oh. does size not answer his e-mails or is it just me?
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