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kisses from dom in less than 25.

Rising Tide Show:
Portland View sucks in a good way.
Race the Sun thinks they're Brand New.
The Escape Engine is hot.
I don't really like the Sleeping.

:/ I failed that one. Anyway.
Oh! I learned, yes, music is an extension of sex. Everyone humped (at) us or jumped on us or whatever. Very sensual sexual oh my god yes.
This is why I fell in loooovvve with a band. And their lead singer.
He dances like Cedric Bixler from AtDI and writhes like Cedric does and I think talks to walls like he must, 'cuz the Mars Volta's messed up, man. No offense, Sarah.
Kate is black in her spare time and I'm Chinese but we're so Jerseycore.
Also: Malachite.
Billy, yes.
Hm. What else? Oh! I know. I'm mad that Dom didn't get ice cream with us. HE WAS SOOOO CLOSE. GAHR.
Why doesn't Florida have basements?

I'm very happy I could share that with you three.
And everyone else, go see them. Kill people to see the Escape Engine. I'm done.
Oooh, my new icon is lame.
Must try harder.

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