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come crashing headfirst into the water, pane glass. [entries|friends|calendar]
mourn not the match devoured in kindling flame.

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haiku deriative. [15 Nov 2004|08:49pm]

follow or don't.

with regards.
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watch me jumpstart. twenty points if you get that one. [25 Sep 2004|07:21pm]
[ mood | awesome, kinda. ]

Oh! OH! October 4th. Cape Coral. Next to the Cold Stone. Come see me and my mad bagging or order-taking skills.
Think about it. If you had to memorize a stupid menu and its prices and abbreviations, take fake orders and ask for crazy things, like a wrap, but on an onion roll, and your bosses were all crazy Mexicans (no offense to you Mexicans out there) who decide that you guys need to answer the phone and freak out at it. (When not doing that, there's always the CHIP AND PICKLE class, wtf.)
Or the second time.
"Yeah. Kayce's here. Hold on. *SLAM*"
Also: AP Shortcake.
Think Size would accept that as a credit?

Other news: Spencer gave me a sexy (only because it was from him, i swear) Kerry/Edwards pin. Uh, got this spiffy N55 (for all you Photo kids out there, hot hot hot) Nikon today. I'll so be blowing my paychecks on getting that beast repaid.
Finally, homecoming.
No plans no dress no date. Oh for three. Watch me not get that night off either. I'll cry.
Besides all that, I so failed that Gault test. Facts, what?

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"And we're diffusing..." [19 Sep 2004|08:13pm]
[ mood | :D happyish. kinda. ]

Chessrown's party was awesomefaced like whoa.
Spencer's nipples were sexy, Zip-Bong! is the most retarded game ever and I bet Pinto does DDR in his sleep. It was great to see so many people in the Cape, be eaten by mosquitoes and swim fully clothed, dragging other people in.
And the greatest part is that you're in something of something- until it goes away. Or you do. I don't know, really. I just like being a part of someone's movielife while it lasts.

Anyway. Another party! Soon.
Also: tapes of Degrassi if you could.

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el hombre propone y Dios dispone. [18 Sep 2004|10:45am]
[ mood | lukewarm, haha. ]

I rescind the "death" statement. :/ Don't ask why. Just know. Mizz'ses can't interpret their dreams all the time.
However, there was a reason.
Death by other hands if you went, maybe everyone you knew.

I have that stupid Cuentale song stuck in my head. This is what happens when you listen to Latino Tropical 97.7 all the time. You hear the same crazy Spanishy rap songs over and over again.
Fort Myers won the game, wonderful, and I missed it due to the lack of one Ryan Thayer's car's seatbelts. Solution: I buy my own stinkin' seatbelt and I'll attach it to the car myself. Problem is that I'm not sure what kind of seatbelt to get and if it will even fit. "I've got 99 Problems and you know those seniors ain't one of 'em." Hah, man. Shirts. Just like the "j-u-n-i-o-r-s r-o-c-k" thing. I would have so been that "u".
Gault's switching us to first shift lunch and that makes me slightly mad. I was fine where I was, seriously. That takes me back to the whole idea of dynamics (of the relationship sort) and where I stand in such things. Rehashing that isn't ever going to get me anywhere. You have to accept that you'll never be certain things to certain people and keep knowing that the way they are in your life is good enough. At least I have to.
I'm getting there. Slowly.
I never want to be content.

Becca and I decided that America is not founded on things like liberty and political freedom, but rather the phallus! The Washington Monument, man! Why'd they keep a brotha down? Jealousy over the natural endowment of the black man! Sex = Politics.
Speaking of, I wonder if my non-voting status is preventing me from getting some action.
Finally, saw Hero at Bell Tower with McDaniel. It was amazingly well edited, even if the storyline was slightly convoluted. The flower scenes and wire-fighting... lead me to believe that maybe, Chinese cinema is love.

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Mmm, zambini action. [16 Sep 2004|11:00am]
[ mood | fresh brains :) ]

You are a Return of the Living Dead Zombie. You
were brought back from the grave by exposure to
245-Trioxin. You crave the heavenly taste of
spicy brains to stop the pain of being dead.
You are virtually indestructible, as even
burning you up will create Zombie Rain and
raise more zombies.

What kind of Zombie are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

These deathcanes are getting to be mildly obnoxious. School-missing and whatever, but the sleep is good. Other than that, things are wonderful. I'm pulling an A in Gault, don't know how, but I ain't complaining.
Got a job, too. Jason's Deli in the Cape. Part of the opening crew, special, eh? I start training on the 20th. Here's hoping that I'm not a dishwasher. Been ripping off Faulkner like mad, thus the lack of sentences. However, I would love to see some people this weekend. Maybe go to the Football game. I miss those, being a first year and lurking in the stands and molesting the band nerds. Well, just Billy.
Nostalgia still and always will suck. Hardcore.

Hey, wanna throw up? Watch me do my oral.


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double you tee eff, mate. [07 Sep 2004|06:46pm]
[ mood | I WANNA NAIL YA. :D ]

Since when is Fort Myers High awesome enough (hah) to be MADE?
1.) Is this true?
2.) Does this have to do with Pinkard's connections?
3.) Spencer Anderson, will you try out to be a breakdancer?
4.) What should I do if a.) this is real and b.) I can weasel my way out of whatever I'd have on the 10th at 10:30?

Otherwise: Hurricanes are gay.
That is all.

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random quiz. [02 Sep 2004|09:34pm]
[ mood | hurricanes are gay. ]

Hah, gay quiz. It sucks, but try it. Really. And then... See how much you suck!

:o The only thing better than gay quizzes is Kerry/Edwards slash. Booya.

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i only trust my life in jim farrell's hands. [02 Sep 2004|04:41pm]
[ mood | rabbit on the IQ scale. ]

(Florida will break off the continent. It will be an island and party with Cuba.)
Parenthetical statements aside, it's been an interesting amount of time. We're now in my name-month. And that plays with my head. I hear "September" and realize, "Oh, just the month, gahrrrr." This can get very obnoxious.
The Hurricane canceled school for tomorrow, which is good because I really didn't want to take that beastly bio test. I got a 85 on the quiz. Hoorah.
Gault's ceased being mind-numblingly painful and has ascended to "dull but somewhat tolerable". Vicodin could probably fix that class's wagon.
As for everything else, it's been good. My aunt was down and we bowled and stuff. Had my first "official" date thing, dinner and the Bell Tower (hahaha, and we saw soooo many FMHS kids, oh man) and a stuffed giraffe. The parents are also returning from Hawaii, exotic fruit and silly pineapple shirt in tow.
I'm going to be a white rapper someday. For the Luau or whatever's like it. We'll form a group like Northern State and rap about stupid things. Like free nacho days and Logan's Corner, word.
Completely wicked. Soru fo sho.

Finally: Campjinx.com was a bit disappointing only because it so shattered the personas of the BLS guys from the show. Ryan Turner, how dare you subvert that clean cut image by flipping off the camera and telling Sheehan to "f--- off!" And what's with Antwon and that other black guy? Word.
Welcome back, Chino. <3

post-script: go see the new poem at a_lapsus_calami. i'm too lazy to link.

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crushd. [25 Aug 2004|09:40pm]
[ mood | crying, if that helps. ]

In or out of context, this week has sucked.
I cry for no reason, really. My arm's gonna keloid and furthermore, I am not a driver, yeah, I know, but I can still beat that deceased steed, right?
Photo books caused me misery. Truth, photo books, whatever, pictures and their word count.
I'm feeling pain that's like music, a string section.
You flung arrows and I accepted them, one by one. Yes, I accept everything I did. I can't change it and wouldn't change it. You and I are who we are because of it. Lying and stealing whatever and fighting bitter, sneering. I'm happy you're brutal and honest because you deserve to be able to fight whatever they throw at you in the world.
And you, tomorrow makes eight and you know, it's insane the way it played out. Don't say I'm getting soft in my age, but I apologized since I know it will be harder to live like we do. It's always been hard, but yeah.
Finally, Hannah, don't surrender what you feel or do because people look down on it. Wars always were a matter of perspective.

As for everyone else: come see me next week.
I have the house to myself. :D
(239)770.0892, anyone? <3

oh other gay and unimportant stuffCollapse )

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casanova, casanova you're failing at your task. [23 Aug 2004|08:26pm]
[ mood | i hate cable internet. ]

So a Hurricane.
And a revelation. And failure today.
A Hurricane subdues everyone and we read the words Dubs gave the Spanish Mundo to prepare for the storm. Prophets were always unconventional. With tiny bras and high slits in skirts. Hey, I never asked for more.
Dollar$ for Di$a$ter, yes, but where's the second half? You guys let me down, SGA. IB. Scott Antonio. Lastoviccca. She still looks like what'shername on Fox4.
Conover, you slay me. As does your Greek Logic. I try and fail. Not that bad. Trying isn't a sin.
S'nappi is love.
As it goes, I learn, today, that Lookabaugh held people back because they were good. She threatens Show Classes with us/them. Mm, am I on the short list? Hopefully.
Failure as in Driving test as in damn you suck as in gahhhrr man. I didn't cry at the examiner. I kept voice and head level. And as soon as he walked away, I burst into tears. At least I did that in style.
Translated Spanish, my mom went to Kabbalah lessons and in a few days, I get the house to myself for the better part of a week. Anyone up to a wild orgy?
Naked Crisco Twister?
Pardon the scattered thoughts, I was getting in touch with my inner douche Spencer Anderson.

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gargly bird!!1111one!1!1 [16 Aug 2004|02:30pm]
[ mood | porny. ]

1. I survived.
2. We just got power today.
3. Girl kissing is trendy, wtfq.
4. I hate Gault.
5. Being a junior is gaycore.
6. Eh, I'm sick of this list.

Call me if you care much.
770.0892, holler back.

<3 mizzzzzz's
i swear i'll update update later.
and my carlson...Collapse )

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Open letter. [07 Aug 2004|09:46pm]
[ mood | gahr. ._. ]

Dear Humans Who Read this Journal:

It has come to my attention that I have no ride to school this year. This is depressing.
I implore you, come and get me. I'll pay your toll or gas or whatever. I'll make you cookies or hey, whatever, I'm desperate.
I live off of Pelican. Yeah. So, if you can hook me up, I'll love you eternal.


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lifted from pyper, that skank. [31 Jul 2004|10:05pm]
[ mood | saddened? kinda. ]

survey. run hide now go.Collapse )

my answers suck.

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glass black stones for eyes. [31 Jul 2004|08:53pm]
[ mood | gahrrrrrrrhrhr. ]

I have a manatee.
And I have to fix it.

Sorry for not going to Warped, sorry you never return my calls, sorry that I can't drive and sorry most of all that I'm distant.
Otherwise, man, it sucks to be here. Sucks sucks sucks so hardcore. Maybe I'm overreacting again. I haven't been breathing so well, I've been interrupting myself in mid stanza. Travesty.
At least Bill Gorton, for that project, will be difficult and punishing enough for redemption.

... Should I procure that Fight Club tape from the Big Lots? It's, uh, in Spanish.

Welcome home, Erika Amaya. <3

shut up adam, oh look a bunny! "fxcking ADD."

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all the rageeee. [30 Jul 2004|01:31pm]
[ mood | disappointed ]

Spanish III
Math Studies
Bio SL
History HL (with Gault, I believe.)
TV Production II. JESUS. TWO?

so far, i'm 0 for 3.

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Vignette love. [29 Jul 2004|05:26pm]
[ mood | twisted amusement. :D ]

Fic for my contest challenge thing.
200+ on unrequited love, slash optional.

Did it in ten, including editing time.
200 words. "pass".

for the Lowbrow and the Proles.Collapse )


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(silence). [28 Jul 2004|03:18pm]
[ mood | reminiscent. alone. ]

oh i feel so stupid but i want school to start.
i want summer to end.
i hate summers. they break me. and my resolve.
i love late night drives (9pm, hah) with ryan thayer and phone calls until midnight and memories of rising tide
the beach and the way she stumbled down the beach
and john at the hospital
and sleeping oh sleeping
and flailing happysad.

however, i hate being alone.
and i hate not seeing people.
and i hate, with a passion, being so far away.
the cape is for the dead dying and the young.

otherwise, it's been a great time. yeah.
and i'm a little more misty because i'm always at my grandmother's in IL at this time. :/ stinkin' bereavement. that's the word, right? i miss her.

oh. does size not answer his e-mails or is it just me?

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hypocrisy is the greatest feature of the human. [24 Jul 2004|10:17pm]
[ mood | in dissonance in rapture ]

i am the blood.
i am the heartbeat.
i am the needle, pulling deep from me
separate vials for the vile i see.

... got aimless precision.

oh how i have to go off and do these sundry things.
f.a.qqqq for Chairman Vangorder.
english for whoever.
challenges at camp_jinxxx and that new thing with jason.
eh, volunteering the dying and the dead

and i haven't sat down to write write in ages.
i need to.

otherwise, it's quiet here. minus the drunken neighbors. i am entirely too boring. someone spice me up.

get some culture.

porkchop necklace, steak on a rope. [19 Jul 2004|09:04pm]
I suck.
I need to be reminded sometimes.
By all means, remind me.
Go ahead.

In other news:
comics on camp_jinxxx.
gay boys are saps and sparrers.
i can't drive.
pauls are lame and so is hannahface carlson.

I'm immensely overrated.
Anonymity always tells me so.

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kisses from dom in less than 25. [10 Jul 2004|11:46am]
[ mood | :D happy happy. ]

Rising Tide Show:
Portland View sucks in a good way.
Race the Sun thinks they're Brand New.
The Escape Engine is hot.
I don't really like the Sleeping.

:/ I failed that one. Anyway.
Oh! I learned, yes, music is an extension of sex. Everyone humped (at) us or jumped on us or whatever. Very sensual sexual oh my god yes.
This is why I fell in loooovvve with a band. And their lead singer.
He dances like Cedric Bixler from AtDI and writhes like Cedric does and I think talks to walls like he must, 'cuz the Mars Volta's messed up, man. No offense, Sarah.
Kate is black in her spare time and I'm Chinese but we're so Jerseycore.
Also: Malachite.
Billy, yes.
Hm. What else? Oh! I know. I'm mad that Dom didn't get ice cream with us. HE WAS SOOOO CLOSE. GAHR.
Why doesn't Florida have basements?

I'm very happy I could share that with you three.
And everyone else, go see them. Kill people to see the Escape Engine. I'm done.
Oooh, my new icon is lame.
Must try harder.


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