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watch me jumpstart. twenty points if you get that one.

Oh! OH! October 4th. Cape Coral. Next to the Cold Stone. Come see me and my mad bagging or order-taking skills.
Think about it. If you had to memorize a stupid menu and its prices and abbreviations, take fake orders and ask for crazy things, like a wrap, but on an onion roll, and your bosses were all crazy Mexicans (no offense to you Mexicans out there) who decide that you guys need to answer the phone and freak out at it. (When not doing that, there's always the CHIP AND PICKLE class, wtf.)
Or the second time.
"Yeah. Kayce's here. Hold on. *SLAM*"
Also: AP Shortcake.
Think Size would accept that as a credit?

Other news: Spencer gave me a sexy (only because it was from him, i swear) Kerry/Edwards pin. Uh, got this spiffy N55 (for all you Photo kids out there, hot hot hot) Nikon today. I'll so be blowing my paychecks on getting that beast repaid.
Finally, homecoming.
No plans no dress no date. Oh for three. Watch me not get that night off either. I'll cry.
Besides all that, I so failed that Gault test. Facts, what?
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