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el hombre propone y Dios dispone.

I rescind the "death" statement. :/ Don't ask why. Just know. Mizz'ses can't interpret their dreams all the time.
However, there was a reason.
Death by other hands if you went, maybe everyone you knew.

I have that stupid Cuentale song stuck in my head. This is what happens when you listen to Latino Tropical 97.7 all the time. You hear the same crazy Spanishy rap songs over and over again.
Fort Myers won the game, wonderful, and I missed it due to the lack of one Ryan Thayer's car's seatbelts. Solution: I buy my own stinkin' seatbelt and I'll attach it to the car myself. Problem is that I'm not sure what kind of seatbelt to get and if it will even fit. "I've got 99 Problems and you know those seniors ain't one of 'em." Hah, man. Shirts. Just like the "j-u-n-i-o-r-s r-o-c-k" thing. I would have so been that "u".
Gault's switching us to first shift lunch and that makes me slightly mad. I was fine where I was, seriously. That takes me back to the whole idea of dynamics (of the relationship sort) and where I stand in such things. Rehashing that isn't ever going to get me anywhere. You have to accept that you'll never be certain things to certain people and keep knowing that the way they are in your life is good enough. At least I have to.
I'm getting there. Slowly.
I never want to be content.

Becca and I decided that America is not founded on things like liberty and political freedom, but rather the phallus! The Washington Monument, man! Why'd they keep a brotha down? Jealousy over the natural endowment of the black man! Sex = Politics.
Speaking of, I wonder if my non-voting status is preventing me from getting some action.
Finally, saw Hero at Bell Tower with McDaniel. It was amazingly well edited, even if the storyline was slightly convoluted. The flower scenes and wire-fighting... lead me to believe that maybe, Chinese cinema is love.
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