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casanova, casanova you're failing at your task.

So a Hurricane.
And a revelation. And failure today.
A Hurricane subdues everyone and we read the words Dubs gave the Spanish Mundo to prepare for the storm. Prophets were always unconventional. With tiny bras and high slits in skirts. Hey, I never asked for more.
Dollar$ for Di$a$ter, yes, but where's the second half? You guys let me down, SGA. IB. Scott Antonio. Lastoviccca. She still looks like what'shername on Fox4.
Conover, you slay me. As does your Greek Logic. I try and fail. Not that bad. Trying isn't a sin.
S'nappi is love.
As it goes, I learn, today, that Lookabaugh held people back because they were good. She threatens Show Classes with us/them. Mm, am I on the short list? Hopefully.
Failure as in Driving test as in damn you suck as in gahhhrr man. I didn't cry at the examiner. I kept voice and head level. And as soon as he walked away, I burst into tears. At least I did that in style.
Translated Spanish, my mom went to Kabbalah lessons and in a few days, I get the house to myself for the better part of a week. Anyone up to a wild orgy?
Naked Crisco Twister?
Pardon the scattered thoughts, I was getting in touch with my inner douche Spencer Anderson.
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