mourn not the match devoured in kindling flame. (lacrimae_rerum) wrote,
mourn not the match devoured in kindling flame.

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glass black stones for eyes.

I have a manatee.
And I have to fix it.

Sorry for not going to Warped, sorry you never return my calls, sorry that I can't drive and sorry most of all that I'm distant.
Otherwise, man, it sucks to be here. Sucks sucks sucks so hardcore. Maybe I'm overreacting again. I haven't been breathing so well, I've been interrupting myself in mid stanza. Travesty.
At least Bill Gorton, for that project, will be difficult and punishing enough for redemption.

... Should I procure that Fight Club tape from the Big Lots? It's, uh, in Spanish.

Welcome home, Erika Amaya. <3

shut up adam, oh look a bunny! "fxcking ADD."
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